Blankie and Stuff…


Aside from the fact that I’m convinced I’ve somehow contracted my mother’s colitis, things are good lately.

Since returning from my weekend trip to Boston, things have slowed down, and Michael and I have had actual downtime. We’ve actually begun taking evening strolls in our neighborhood (both for exercise and to catch up with each other) and making non-work-type plans (Squirrel Nut Zippers this Friday!).

Plus, I sometimes see my friends!

On Saturday, Nicole and I went out to see Sex and the City: The Movie, which was then followed by very SATC-like conversation at one of the five trillion local diners near us. Aside from looking like sisters or something, we also lead identical lives, so it’s nice to be able to have these long catch-up sessions.

And on Sunday, Michael and I attended the annual choir dinner.

As in the choir I abandoned a few months previously.

Diane called me up a few weeks ago to invite us, and I immediately accepted, and then immediately regretted it because I was afraid it would be awkward. I was honestly nervous upon entering the restaurant where it was held this year (some cute Italian place in Caldwell, with absolutely delicious vodka sauce and eggplant rollitini).

But the open bar set me at ease (ha), and by the time Phil started making speeches, I was downright jovial.

At which point, Phil began talking about the dedication of the choir members and whatnot, which made me feel awkward again. He began telling a story of watching his wife crochet a blanket, and realizing that the disparate strands were just like the members of the choir: nice on their own, but amazing together, “warming” the congregation with their musical expression of faith. It was more schmaltzy and metaphorical than I had ever heard him, and it made me feel awful, because I had, of course, left the choir family.

At which point, he started saying that he regretted to announce that one of the choir members would not be returning in September. At which point, I was all like Really? Who’s leaving!? At which point, he said, “And that’s why I would like to present this blanket to Stephanie,” at which point I got all weepy.




But seriously people, what are you trying to do to me here!?

Sunday morning was also my first performance with the CUC choir. It’s an entirely different experience from the one I had at St. Philip’s, and I often miss my old choir.

Time marches on, though.


2 Responses to “Blankie and Stuff…”

  1. you made me look up colitis. now i have to hate you. 😛

  2. lord, there o go. ruining appetites across the internet.

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