Mimosas and Mary Poppins


This summer is shaping up to be quite eventful.

Just last weekend, Michael and I celebrated our one-year anniversary (yes; we made it) with a weekend trip to Auburn, NY (it was basically a single day of wine awesomeness bookended by two days of driving and napping). We found ourselves a bed and breakfast with reasonable rates and a whirlpool tub, and then mapped out a day on the Cayuga Lake wine trail.

We ended up stopping by the Buttonwood Grove Winery, which was having a Wild West Day (pictures of Michael and I attempting to lasso a bull’s head are on my camera); the Thirsty Owl Wine Company, where we indulged in a delicious outdoor lunch after our tasting; and the Americana Vineyards and Winery, which attempted to kill us with the sheer volume of wines available in a single tasting (seriously, by that point, I was unable to finish any of the glasses they poured for me, and they poured 15 glasses; I was still attempting to recover, at that point, from the pinot noir at the Thirsty Owl). At the end of the day, my favorite wine ended up being the Sweet Rosie at the Americana, a dessert wine that they had us sample with some of their homemade fudge (fudge!). I insisted we buy two bottles.

Later that evening, after a one-hour drive back to our B&B and an extended nap, we headed across town for dinner at Elderberry Pond Country Foods, a gorgeous restaurant located on a farm, with a menu consisting solely of organic and free-range foods (and fair trade coffee, of course). The food was amazing: I had their garden pasta, and Michael had the duck. We both indulged in the mushroom bisque. Neither of us could handle dessert.

This past weekend was spent close to home, but was no less busy. On Friday, I took my cousin Lisa into the city for shopping in SoHo, dinner at Saigon Grill, and then Mary Poppins on Broadway (pretty good!). The Exciting Purchase of the Day was the Stephen Colbert tote bag now available at Barnes & Noble. Yes, folks. I now own a bag with Stephen Colbert’s smiling visage on it.

And on Sunday, Michael and I hosted a “brunch” (basically, it was a lunchtime party with breakfast food). I agonized for weeks over the menu, and then it somehow all came together, despite our obvious shortcomings in the kitchen. I made spinach quiche and a pancake puff cake, Dena brought fruit salad, Nicole magically saved our omelets, Michael struggled over frying “the perfect bacon”…we also got munchkins from Dunkin Donuts, and bagels from Hot Bagels Abroad, and had lots of booze (most popular were the mimosa punch and the winearitas). And we got a great crowd and everyone someone got along and it was awesomeness!

If I had a house, you guys, I would throw so many parties!


3 Responses to “Mimosas and Mary Poppins”

  1. 1 neonfoxtongue

    Happy anniversary!!! Congrats and cheers to you both!

  2. 2 Zen

    Congratulations! What a charmed life you lead šŸ™‚

  3. aaaahahahaha. a charmed life? i suppose things are pretty good. many thanks on all the congratulations.

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