Chris & Leslie’s Wedding


So we went to a wedding last weekend, and this is the only picture I have of the happy couple (my college buddy Chris and his life partner):

Seriously. Because It took us just about three hours to get down there, and then we totally missed the ceremony, and then there was a two-hour wait before the reception, and by then I was pooped. So I wasn’t being the good photographer.

Still, Michael got some good shots:

Here’s Matthew picking his nose…

…and then making nice for the camera with Alicia.

Here’s Melissa and Ted. Ted is very excited.

Here’s Bonny Wonny looking quite fetching…

…and then running off with my man…

…as I drink my miseries away…

…but all is right with the world by the end.

p.s. There was a candy bar at the wedding, and this was awesome. I took a shitload of rock candy home and ate it all in the course of a day. I can feel the cavities forming now.


3 Responses to “Chris & Leslie’s Wedding”

  1. 1 Alicia

    Great photos! I think the one of you and Mike is probably the best (as it was taken by Matthew, and I have to pump him up). I’ll be in Parsippany ALL FALL, so we must hang.

  2. 2 Alicia

    and um, is it just me, or does Chris have monstrously huge hands?

  3. 3 Chris

    you know what the say about big hands…
    big gloves…

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