Public Service Announcement


So…in my neverending quest to take over the blogosphere (thanks for all the advice ProBlogger), I have launched a new blog.

It’s a blog about the freelance lifestyle and — unlike SelfHelpMe — will feature daily posts, including how-tos and book and product reviews. I’m still working out some quirks with the design (and lord, I am so tech-clueless), and I haven’t quite gotten the hang of placing Google AdSense ads throughout my pages (hurrah for monetizing!), but I have two full weeks’ worth of content up there at this point, with no end in sight (fingers crossed).

I’m also trying something a bit new in the way of marketing, in that I’ve decided to open a Twitter account. I’m finally starting to get the hang of regularly updating…and figuring out what to update…so check it out!

Okay. Over and out.


2 Responses to “Public Service Announcement”

  1. 1 neonfoxtongue

    Awesome! Congrats and good luck with it!

    I’ve added it to the Google reader, but I haven’t unsubscribes to SelfHelpMe yet. Is it really dead? For what’s its worth, I really liked the concept, but I understand if it wasn’t working for you.

    One day, I will have a regularly updated crafty blog. One day.

  2. Though multiple people have expressed dismay at my shuttering of SelfHelpMe (which at least makes me feel good about what I DID get up there in my free time), the necessity of constantly reading new self-help books was becoming too much to handle. Plus, I found that most of the self-help books I was reading were career-, writing-, or freelance-related, so I thought that perhaps it would be better to focus upon that.

    I’m letting all of my domain hosting run out, but archives will still be available at after that point. Perhaps it could be revived in the future…Lord, there are just too many things I want to do at once!

    And what about the “regularly updated” London blog!?

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