Not Exactly Book Smart


Yesterday evening, me and Michael drove into Manhattan, found a parking garage on the Upper East Side, and then took a subway up to Astoria, Queens, so as to meet with my fellow proofreaders at the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden. FYI: Never again. (Also FYI: Of the four times I have been to Queens, this has been my destination three of those times; is there absolutely nothing else to do in Queens?)

Nevertheless, it was both fun and enlightening to see my co-workers outside of the office environment, despite the fact that it was 94 degrees and I don’t drink beer. Jen showed us her disturbing eyeball trick…

…and James, well…James didn’t wear a suit. And he was downright jovial. Like, way more jovial than I had ever seen him before. It was like entering the twilight zone.

After awhile, we entered into the longest Trivial Pursuit game ever, in which we did boys vs. girls. It was basically James vs. Jen, as Michael spent the duration of the game pretending that answers were on the tip of his tongue, and I amused myself by watching the boys’ facial expressions.

God they were intense.

I hate Trivial Pursuit. It makes me feel dumb.

I am just about the least book-smart person I know. Science? I nearly failed chemistry in high school, and fared no better with geology and astronomy at TCNJ. Math? I nearly failed pre-calc, and never moved onward from there. History? I did fail social studies one marking period in high school, though that was partially because I stopped doing the homework. Literature? Despite having a degree in Writing, Literature, and Publishing, my English teachers always hated me, because I only ever read Stephen King, and now, rather than subscribing to the New Yorker, I subscribe to Glamour and Lucky (and others in the same vein…).

Next time: Jersey instead of Queens. Scattergories and Boggle. Wine & cheese. Be there.


7 Responses to “Not Exactly Book Smart”

  1. 1 Jen

    I love Scattergories! And I’m all over the cheese, but can I sub rum for wine? haha

  2. 2 icagirl

    so when I move back to NY/NJ, am I going to be invited?

  3. Are you moving back!?

  4. 4 icagirl

    I’m seriously looking into it – to the point where I’ve started applying for jobs. The T-Bunny and I both want to be closer to our families.

  5. 5 Diana

    Ditto on the hatred of Trivial Pursuit. It’s bad for my self-esteem.

    And guess who is Modern Materialist’s newest blogger? Yep, yours truly, your blog stalker 🙂

  6. @icagirl: !!!

    @diana: I know! Wendy sent all the applicants’ letters and sample posts around, and I loved what you wrote before even realizing it was you! Hurrah! (way too many exclamation points)

  7. 7 Alicia

    Ok, so first, I AM IN QUEENS! There are fun things to do in Queens, like spend a relaxing day at the spa castle (, eat yummy cupcakes from Martha’s Country Bakery, eat Chinese/Indian fusion at Tangra Masala, eat tasty Italian at Acquista Trattoria, visit me at St. John’s, etc.

    Second – Jess, are you really possibly coming back? Hooray!

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