Jarvis Is a Dance Machine


The other night, Michael and I saw Jarvis Cocker at some venue in Hell’s Kitchen. I had gifted the tickets to Michael for our one-year wedding anniversary, as Jarvis had been a constant presence in our lives from the very beginning of our relationship.

When Michael first began making me mix CDs, he got me hooked on Pulp with songs such as “Disco 2000” and “Babies.”

And when I first started hanging out at Michael’s place, a bad-ass image of Jarvis looked down at us from the bedroom wall:

The poster now holds court in our office, where it hangs above Michael’s desk.

None of this (not even the music video Michael showed me for “Common People”) prepared me for seeing him live.

Here we are waiting for the suck-ass opening band to finish up:

And then Jarvis finally appeared and he was such a flailing firecracker of energy that this was one of the best photos I could get of him:

When he first began jumping around the stage, my eyes actually teared up I was so excited. Through a powerhouse show and two encores, he never stopped dancing, leaping, posing, gyrating, humping, seizuring…He didn’t play one Pulp song, but I didn’t mind at all.

Michael got another decent shot:

I love this man.


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