Now That I’m 28…Here’s the Longest. Post. Ever.


That’s me wearing my “#1 Daughter” sticker, procured from a birthday card given to me by my parents just the other day. If I look a bit out of it, it’s because I sleep-walked through the bulk of my birthday weekend, due to several night shifts at the Sun, and another several nights of insomnia.

Still, I managed to squeeze in quite a bit of activity over the long stretch of the weekend.

On Thursday, my mom took me into NY to see Neil Diamond at Madison Square Garden. It was quite emotional for me to see him stride onstage and belt out the songs I had been listening to for years. At a very young age, my mother had given me as my two first cassettes Billy Joel’s Piano Man and Neil Diamond’s His Twelve Greatest Hits. I have held onto a fierce sense of loyalty to the both of them ever since. The concert brought me full circle, and I loved it.

On Friday, I went with my mom and my brother’s gf to see Mamma Mia, the movie. I had seen the Broadway show the summer before and, despite low expectations, it had replaced both Rent and Les Miserables as my favorite musical. So the movie was a necessity, and the presence of Colin Firth only added to its awesomeness. It was a fun flick, and it reminded me that I had yet to replace the soundtrack CD, stolen from my car back in the spring. I’ll need to do so now that I have a gift card to B&N, so that I can subject Michael to an endless number of car rides in which I belt out “Take A Chance On Me” as he slumps miserably in his seat.

Saturday was a lazy day, and we topped it off with dinner at Casa Filippo (with one of the two bottles of the St. Supery sauvignon blanc Michael bought me for our one-year anniversary; it was effing delicious), and a viewing of CSI‘s final Season 7 disc. Now I’m going batty because the Season 8 DVDs are not available until October, and I’m eager to watch more on the Miniature Killer. Okay. That’s an understatement. We were left with quite the cliffhanger, and I’m now slowly losing my mind as a result.

Sunday, was my b-day and, to celebrate, I got a much-needed haircut. That was exciting, despite the fact that I cannot for the life of me recreate the smooth, glam look that Anthony had achieved that morning. Afterwards, I spent the day blogging, cleaning, and doing laundry. I know. Lame. But I also installed my new webcam (check out my first video post!), and test-drove the GPS unit Michael bought me for my birthday. !!! I swear, the GPS unit will never be boring to me. It is my new favorite toy.

We also did dinner and cake at my parents’ house, where I got my nifty sticker.

Monday came too soon. I’ve been feeling a bit burnt out with my MM blogging, as it seems to be getting more and more difficult to find new products to post about (who would’ve thunk I’d ever have trouble window shopping?). Plus, I’ve been focusing so much of my energies on Freelancedom, and on researching career/vocational counseling and coaching, that anything else feels like a distraction.

I finally spoke with a career counselor yesterday. It felt good to finally be able to talk wih someone about the realities of such a career path. She told me of how she had come to career counseling after working in a variety of fields beforehand. She let me know that a general counseling curriculum wouldn’t necessarily prepare me for a career in vocational counseling. She mentioned the Coaching Institute, and the possibility of gaining certification that way. She told me that the biggest challenge she had faced in building up her own private practice was in the area of self-marketing, and that I should utilize my writing talents to put my name out there, in much the same way she uses public speaking. She also chatted with me about the practicality of landing a job at a college career center, though she also touched upon the fact that I would most probably have to be willing to relegate my writing to my off-hours.

Our conversation helped me come closer to solidifying an action plan.

It forced me to look inward and finally vocalize why I was interested in such a career path.

It got me brainstorming ways in which I could use my writing to brand myself as a vocational expert, and ways in which I could use my certification to expand the reach of my writing.

I’m eager to chat with the other coaches, counselors, and deparment chairs I have contacted. Slowly, I’m piecing together a picture of my next move, and confirming my initial feeling that this is not necessarily a career switch, but rather a natural expansion of the business I’ve been building.


8 Responses to “Now That I’m 28…Here’s the Longest. Post. Ever.”

  1. 1 Alicia

    Happy Birthday! I totally lost track of the days. I think I need to take you out to dinner or at least a drink. Let me know when you’re free! Matthew’s around this coming weekend, if you’re interested in doing a double-date.

  2. 2 neonfoxtongue

    Happy belated birthday!!! Glad it was a good one. Also glad your meeting with the career counsellor went well. I’m Googling the ‘Coaching Institute’ as soon as I post this!

  3. 3 DIana

    Happy birthday! Your hair looks awesome 🙂

  4. 4 neonfoxtongue

    Just got one of the semi-regular e-mails from The Paper Source and it made me think that if you haven’t seen their web site yet, it might provide some inspiration for both your MM and Freelancedom Product Placement posts.

    Paper Source provided all the paper for our wedding invitations, but they have great office supplies and some really nice home accessories too. I’m a big fan!

  5. Thanks, everyone, for the birthday wishes.

    @Alicia: I swear to god, we will coordinate soon!

    @neonfoxtongue: Try the International Coaching Federation. Or even the Career Coaching Institute. This week, finally, the coaches I contacted are returning frm their vacations.

    @Diana: It doesn’t look so awesome anymore. 🙂

    @neonfoxtongue: Thanks for the tip. I looove stationery, and used to collect it as a young’un.

  6. 6 icagirl

    Um… Happy Belated Birthday – and I think you’re hair always looks good when it’s all flippy like that… I watched your video (nice kitty mask) and I, too, am seeing Neil Diamond in concert come September. I am totally excited and more so knowing that you enjoyed it.

  7. Oh Jess, you’re gonna love it. He’s looking good, and his voice is just as strong and velvety as ever.The audience was generally dancing in the aisles the entire time.

  8. 8 Zen

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    Shilo, when I was young
    I used to call your name
    When no one else would come
    Shile, you always came
    And you’d stay

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