Kitten-Induced Chaos


She looks pretty harmless, right? You would never been able to tell from this photo that Lusa, the kitten we adopted about three weeks ago, was a raving psychopath that would send our condo into a chaotic tailspin.

This is all due to those people at START, who are set up at PetCo every weekend, lying in wait with their cages full of cute calicos and tabbies. Michael and I were there to pick up some litter and cat food. We left with Lusa.

My first concern was Gizmo & Koosh, our 8-year-olds back home. I got the feeling that they wouldn’t take kindly to a new cat, especially with their already-established, territorial spraying problem. And I was right. Gizmo was impatient with Lusa, especially as she was always sticking her cute little nose into his personal business. And Koosh was just plain terrified.

But that turned out to be the least of our problems. Within two days, Lusa came down with a 104.1 fever. She stopped eating and drinking, and remained under our bed. I freaked out, a mere preview of the neuroticism I’m sure I’ll exhibit when I eventually give birth to my own children.

The next week, after Lusa was all better, and back to her regular levels of hyperactivity, Koosh got sick, for the first time in all of his 8 years. It was at this point that I became crazed with guilt, regretting my suggestion to bring a new kitten home.

On top of all this, I am allergic to Lusa. Lord, adopting a kitten has totally wiped me out.

At this point, Koosh finally seems healthy again, and all three seem to be tentatively dealing with each other as best they can. I am having visions of best friendship and three-way spooning. We’ll see.




Aside from the kitten-induced craziness, Michael and I are also panicking because my main source of income may be folding by the end of the month? How did I find out? Here and here. I feel conflicted about this, as I knew that I had held overstayed my welcome there anyway, and had been looking for other income streams so that I could leave. Thing is, I didn’t realize I’d have to act so fast. In addition to the bills, I was hoping to be able to pay for career coach certification from the Career Coach Institute fairly soon. I am scrambling to find work closer to home.

And that’s life lately in a nutshell.


6 Responses to “Kitten-Induced Chaos”

  1. 1 Alicia

    What a precious little ball of mischief. I’m sorry to hear all the trouble her arrival caused. I hope things have settled down. I can imagine it rocked Giz and Koosh’s world to have a new kitten introduced after it’s been just them buddying up for so long. None of my parents’ 4 cats like each other at all – hissing all the time – and they’ve lived together between 6 and 12 years. So, they may never get along, but at least they’ll all love you!

  2. 2 Melissa

    You got a kitten! She is very cute, so the boys must be jealous. Hopefully they will all at least tolerate each other, even if they are not friends. We want a puppy someday and are worried what our boys will think. I hope you are not too allergic to her!

    I am sorry to hear about the job. I hope you can find something you like and that is close to home. Any prospects?

  3. 3 icagirl

    Congrats on the new kitten – I’m sure your allergy will go away. After all, I was allergic to cats for my entire life until after living with Gizmo and Koosh for about a month. And Lusa’s so cute!
    About your job, that’s stinky. It’s not the best time to be looking, but I’m sure you’ll do fine.
    Speaking of cats and Alicia, this reminds me of the time she thought that her cat wasn’t her cat and called her Mom at work, hysterical because a strange (gigantic) cat was pretending to be her cat… Good times.

  4. 4 Alicia

    That was quite bizarre about my cat, wasn’t it? I was so used to kittens that the size of my own regular cat was shocking. Ah well. Look! It’s all the 2211 girls responding!

  5. Hello ladies – It’s good to hear from you all. This is quite the reunion. (I know it’s only virtual, but it’s also rare, so I’ll take what I can get.)

    Gizmo and Koosh are no longer hissing whenever Lusa walks by. They now seem merely tolerant of her, though it seems their spraying problems have increased. Lusa — who is perhaps lonely and seems to miss their verbal attacks — never misses a chance to swat at them. She is truly evil. She also likes to cuddle me at night, her little forearms around one of my biceps. Which is cute. But then she inevitably gets fidgety, steals my pillow, and tangles her claws into my hair. Not so cute. Always an adventure at our small condo. At least the allergies seem a lot less debilitating.

    As far as jobs go, two people in NY have appeared willing to give me jobs, but I’m taking things slow, so as to see if I can find something closer to home. I guess that if I can’t find my ideal job, at least I know that it won’t be impossible for me to find some type of work.

  6. We’ll always have Ewing…

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