Wedding: Virginia


Lordy lord, my mood has just been up and down since I first found out that the New York Sun was folding. Since then, I’ve been watching my checking account dwindle and crying and stuff. And of course applying to jobs that hold absolutely no interest for me (save for the spare one or two that I want so bad I can taste it but most probably have no shot at).

Other than that, I’ve been planning a party for Dia de los Muertos, have been “promoted” to lead blogger for’s Modern Materialist (a title shift that involves no monetary raise, but basically just makes me feel special), have a piece coming out over at Tango sometime over the next few weeks, and have another pitch that’s just been accepted by them. Plus I’m working on an essay and a Dating Advice From… piece for Nerve (anyone know any engineers who would be willing to submit to a silly little interview?).

And then, this past weekend, Michael and I drove down to Virginia for the wedding of my dear old friend Matt, a fellow student during my oh-so-happy Boston Days. (Lookit how completely dashing Matt looks with his new wife, Sarah.)

You could not ask for a more charming wedding. It took place at a vineyard high up in the hills of god-knows-where VA, on the most perfect day ever (hyperbole? I had been suffering a week of cold, rainy, miserableness in NJ). They were married by a celebrant who also happened to be a friend of the bride, under a gorgeous chuppa built by Geoff.

Yes, this is a picture of Geoff. Not the chuppa. I was apparently having way too much fun to take the time to take any decent photos.

Christina was also in the bridal party…

…as was Adam, but I don’t have a photo of him, ’cause I suck.

After the ceremony, there was a cocktail hour out on the porch of the stables, and then we moved indoors for much boogying down.

It was so good to have the old posse back together again, and I felt awful over having grown so apart from these people, and from Boston.

I feel renewed determination to move back up there, whether Michael likes it or not. I’m antsy, and the thought of remaining in NJ for the rest of this godforsaken life gives me the willies.

Okay. One more wedding this weekend, and then we’re done for the rest of the year. Woo-hoo!


2 Responses to “Wedding: Virginia”

  1. i can’t believe you made me shave when the GROOM didn’t even shave! :o(

  1. 1 October. « Stephanerd

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