Light at the End of the Tunnel…?


Last weekend was a rough one.

It started out with a package that USPS “tried” to deliver last Wednesday. As in they didn’t even both knocking on the door or ringing our doorbell, even though both me and Michael were home all day long, and instead left one of those cards in my mailbox, saying I needed to pick up my package at the post office. On Friday, I drove over to the post office specified on the card. Of course, our mail delivery guy had directed us to the incorrect post office, so I had to call around and finally drive to another post office.

By the time I got home, I was pretty annoyed, so it didn’t help when my cat sprayed me, getting pee all over the skirt I had put on for Amie’s birthday dinner later that evening. And then I went to make a sandwich and sliced my finger open.

Then, driving into Brooklyn, I had a panic attack and started sobbing because, lately, the trip into NY gives me a disturbingly visceral reaction.

The dinner, at Blue Ribbon Brasserie, was incredible (and incredibly expensive). I had lobster with butter sauce. Yummmm!!! I became sick afterwards and, on the way home, had to peel off the road into a gas station parking lot that happened to have a Dunkin Donuts.

There was no toilet paper.

After a ride home that was pure torture, I spent two hours in the bathroom.

For the rest of the weekend, I never quite recovered.

This week is looking up. Two days ago, I was pleasantly surprised by a phone interview (though I get the feeling I botched it up; I’m incredibly inarticulate on the phone). Then, later that same day, I found out that the two pieces I had written for Tango were both up. One was about how I’ve taken control of my finances since getting married, and the other was about what NOT to do at a sex party. By the next day, I had scored yet another writing assignment, this time from The Frisky.

I’m beginning to think that I should start pitching again more aggressively. Now that I have a bit of momentum going…

Now I’m excited for the weekend. Michael and I are throwing a party this Saturday for Dia de los Muertos, and I spent a good amount of time yesterday hanging garland, putting together goody bags, and shopping for eats. I hope everyone fits into our teeny-tiny condo!


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