The Latest Word-Dump


As per usual, weeks have gone by since my latest update. Perhaps I could get back into your good graces by posting these pictures of Lusa in my colander?


No? Let’s get on with it then. Since my last post, I’ve gotten another online clip. It’s another sex party piece, this time on how sex parties helped me overcome my intimacy issues. Now I’m just waiting for my Dating Advice From…Engineers piece to go up over at Nerve.

All this momentum is getting me even more motivated to pitch. For the longest time after the Sun folded, all I could think about was my dwindling bank account…the dying publishing industry…the lonely hours at home during the day. I’m still worrying about all of this, but I’m also taking advantage of the time I have now to be more proactive about my writing…and not just the blogging I was already doing.

Okay, that’s enough work-talk.

In other news, our Dia de los Muertos party the other weekend went off without a hitch. We had about 30 people crammed into our small, stifling-hot condo, and lots of good eats. I had my mom teach me how to make veal cutlets with lemon&garlic sauce, and potato pie. Lou brought a fabulous, lasagna-like Greek dish, Diane & Paul brought a delicious meatball soup, and Dena brought my beloved Arabian salad. Christina and Erika drove all the way down from Boston (!), and brought with them a delicious boxed red wine that I hogged for the entire week following the party. We also had some scrumptious desserts. (Charlotte’s) Josh made a yummy chocolate pudding pie, and my brother did up a peanut butter pie. There was more food, of course, but I can’t list it all. Suffice it to say that I ate well, and was thrilled to see a number of people that I hadn’t seen in quite some time (because I am now a hermit).

Since then, I’ve also gotten the haircut I’ve always wanted:


…so that I was then able to rock appearances at the NYC Sex Bloggers 2009 Calendar Release Party, and Chris Opperman‘s 10 Years of Oppy Music show at Clash Bar in Clifton.

The calendar release party was just the other night, at the White Rabbit in Soho. The calendar was being sold to raise money to support Sex Work Awareness, an organization that trains sex workers in media skills and educates the public about issues that affect people who work in the sex industry. (You can still purchase a calendar here! They look awesome!) Calendar models included several awesome ladies I’m lucky enough to have made the acquaintance of: Audacia Ray (whom I originally met at one of her Safer Sex for Sluts workshops), Jamye Waxman (whom I was introduced to at my very first Abby Ehmann-hosted sexy soiree, where she was giving lessons in “sword-swallowing,” and Elizabeth Wood (whom I once interviewed for a Sex Advice From…Polyamorists piece over at Nerve). Aside from calendars and free lube, we were treated to burlesque performances, raffles, and homemade cookies. I also came home with this fun toy!

Chris Opperman’s show was just last night (I’m hoping to steal some photos from Lou at some point to post here), and was sort of like attending a high school reunion, without all the riffraff. He played a buttload of pieces from his very first album, in addition to a dramatic 15-minute piece that will appear on his forthcoming album. The music was as avant-garde and complex as ever. Lookit what I could’ve done with myself if I hadn’t stopped practicing the piano all those years ago.

Signing off for now. I have a pleasant late afternoon of pizza & wine planned with Nicole, and then my week gets uber-busy. Fingers crossed that I survive.


2 Responses to “The Latest Word-Dump”

  1. Adorable cat. I’d love to get a cat but I think I’m allergic to cat hair.

    Read your Nerve column and found it fascinating. There’s nothing more liberating than losing your fears. More couples should probably follow your example!

  2. Its not the cat hair that you should be worried about. It is the cost of keeping the thing – my cat costs more to keep than my kids!

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