2009 Starts (Semi) Strong…


I had my doubts this past Sunday that 2009 was going to be any different from the end of 2008.

When Andrei and Alayna came over so that Andrei could take a look at Michael’s dead-in-the-water computer, I don’t think any of us had a clue that it would be a marathon, hours-long session, during which Alayna and I would have nothing to do but watch TV and eat chips, donuts, cookies, etc.

The discovery of Bingo America on the GSN was particularly exciting (as was Family Feud and a celebrity edition of So You Want to be a Millionaire) but, by late that evening, we were feeling pretty gross. Even worse, I was unable to start work on an article I had due later that week, or to stockpile any MM pitches. Incredibly inauspicious beginnings.

Things turned around quickly, though. I social-networked like crazy throughout the week, acquiring contacts that helped with my pitching. A former colleague of mine hired me to proofread his book manuscript. I wrote about unproductivity and its connections to work/life balance over at the Frisky, and saw my latest dating advice column go up at Nerve. I started looking for people for my latest Nerve piece: Dating Advice From…Jazz Musicians (fyi, I still need interviewees for this one!). All in all, the week was a productive one.

We capped it off by having Charlotte, Josh, Nicole, and Mike over for a Shot in the Dark party. Basically, I had received premixed shot samples to review for MM, and wasn’t about to sit at my desk by myself taking shot after shot like a lonely alcoholic. That and I only drink wine.

My review will go up next Friday but, for the moment, here’s some pics to whet your appetite with:






Other than all the work-related stuff (yes, boozing it up now counts as work), I’ve been puttering about the house, hanging up pictures like this one and this one. (This one is on the way.)

That and I’ve been enjoying the new mellowness of my cats on Valium.

To close out this post, I’d like to share with you a photo of Lusa in a too-tight sweater:


Over and out.


3 Responses to “2009 Starts (Semi) Strong…”

  1. Continue to kick ass in 2k9!

  2. oh my goodness, that cat sweater picture is killing me with cuteness.

  3. You better lead your MM post off with that pic of Josh and Nicole.

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