Trying New Things



Apparently, marriage hasn’t completely cut me off from the ability to try new things and have new experiences.

Last we spoke, I was complaining about the rut I was in (a rut that I foresaw extending far, far into my future…).

Since then, I’ve been reminded that, as long as I have my writing, there will be no shortage of surprises in my future.

I remember taking Cris Beam’s From Pitch to Publish class at New School a few years ago. Among the required reading was Robert Boynton’s New New Journalism. Over the course of the semester, I fell in love with Susan Orlean and John Krakauer. I fell in love with immersion journalism. It hit me: This is why you’re a writer. This is your ticket to a full life. This will be your excuse…your reason to push yourself…challenge yourself…take on the things that both intrigue and scare you.

Most recently, writing has led me to salsa-dancing and nude portraiture.

Last week, Michael and I registered for a four-week salsa class at a dance studio in Nutley, along with Diane & Paul. While I’ve been begging Michael to take dance classes with me for what seems like eons (I have a [misguided] dream of someday appearing on So You Think You Can Dance), it wasn’t until I was given the go-ahead on a piece covering good workouts for couples that we finally had the impetus to take that step. (My short piece will appear on AOL’s lemondrop blog later today, I believe.)

The first class was nowhere near as scary as I thought it would be. (What else is new.)

And just the other day, I showed my poo-cha-cha to a complete stranger, when I posed for an Intimate Portrait.

I had been wanting to challenge myself in that particular way ever since reviewing Andrew Einhorn’s Naked Happy Girls for SexHerald. I wanted to be as comfortable in my skin as the girls in Einhorn’s photographs seemed.

The experience was a good one, and now I have a collection of sketches, and one gorgeous painting to remember it by. I’m handing in an essay on my experience today, for publication on Nerve, and will also be writing it up for the Modern Materialist.

For those of you who were curious, I’m pasting some images from my portrait session down below. I’m just warning you now, because my nips are showing. If you don’t want to see my (sketched) nips, scan through quickly to the end.


This is me reading a book, whilst wearing my fuzzy Cookie Monster pants (yes, I totally posed in my Cookie Monster pants).


This is one of the poses we were considering for the final piece.

And speaking of the final piece…



This past Friday, I was also contacted by two different people wanting me to come in for interviews: someone from an academic press calling about a marketing position, and someone from one of my favorite magazines (!) calling about an editorial position. In the end, I decided not to interview for either one. I like life just the way it is nowadays…


8 Responses to “Trying New Things”

  1. 1 marz

    Isn’t it fun to try new things? Lovely portraiture – kudos to you!

  2. Thanks for posting the results – they’re lovely! I’m looking forward to reading your piece.

    I’ve taken figure drawing courses before and always admired the courage of the models. I’ve thought about modelling for classes, but you know…scary! Maybe going your route would be a good first step.

  3. @michelle: It was definitely a pretty amazing experience. After doing it, though, I have to say…it’s not the bravery of the models that I admire the most…it’s their endurance! Holding poses is hard!

  4. 4 christina

    I forgot you have a fantastic rack!

  5. 5 Diane

    dude.. there is a FACE in that blanket!

  6. @christina: One of my best features. 🙂

    @Diane: I am thoroughly convinced that you are insane.

  7. Gorgeous. I love the idea of posing for nude sketches. I don’t think it will deter any of your potential condo buyers!

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