Back in September, I lost my momentum.

I had been researching career coaching certification programs, going on informational interviews with both career coaches and career counselors, and working on building my Freelancedom blog.

Then, the NY Sun folded, I was suddenly unable to enter a certification program, and my entire plan fell to hell.

Things have been better lately. Since the new year, I’ve guest blogged over at Darren Rowse‘s TwiTip, starting blogging occasionally for AOL’s Lemondrop blog, and have gotten assignments for Nerve, Babble, and Time Out NY. It’s why I haven’t been seeing you. It’s why I’ve been so busy.

I haven’t forgotten about career coaching, though. In a flash of pure genius (okay, I was reading the Career Renegade book), I’ve decided to leverage my web presence to more fully promote my proofreading, copy editing, and blogging services, and have also begun work on an ebook which I will eventually sell via Freelancedom, in order to raise money for a certification program. Hopefully, I can make certain changes to my site within the next few days (and by “I,” I mean my web-savvy husband).

And then, once I have achieved world domination, we can hang out again.

Just kidding. We can hang out now. I still leave the condo sometimes. Michael and I have signed up for the next level of salsa at the Starlight Dance Center, and I’m also thinking of returning to belly dancing in March. I’m not a complete career-obsessed recluse.

Wish me luck, and I’ll be sure to keep you all updated.


2 Responses to “Momentum.”

  1. What kind of editing do you do? And how much do you charge? Thanks (hi Steph!)

  2. @icagirl: Hola! I do copy editing and proofreading. I have experience with book manuscripts (including academic texts), newspapers, and corporate content. I’ve worked with AP, APA, and Chicaho manuals of style, in addition to company-specific style guidelines. I typically charge $30/hr. for simple proofreading, and $40/hr. for more involved copy editing. Know someone who could use me? 🙂

    Boy, I should probably update this blog, huh?

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