Work/Life Balance Causes Computer Withdrawal


It’s been a long weekend. Michael and I spent all of Saturday and Sunday painting our bedroom. This entailed removing our two dressers, two bookcases, nightstand, and mattress from the bedroom and squeezing it all into the living room, dining room, and kitchen. After that, I was already tired.

Then, we painted the ceiling and did two coats of the walls before collapsing onto our pillowtop mattress, sprawled out across our living room floor. I was worried that the color we had chosen (oakwood brown) was too dark. Going on wet, it sorta looked like we were smearing poop across our bedroom walls. Still, neuroses didn’t keep me from falling instantly asleep.

When I woke up the next morning, I was sore from all the heavy labor of the previous day, but excited to see how things looked now that the paint had dried.

It looked pretty darn good, but it still needed a third coat, and then a fourth round of touch-ups. Then we cleaned the rug (way gross) and brought everything back in. I’m still amazed by how pulled together everything looks, thanks to one bold color choice.

I passed out early last night, and then had to wake up early this morning, as I was appearing as a guest on a morning radio show. Yes. My radio debut. The hosts had happened upon my Tango article on how marriage saved me from debt, so they had me talk about my experiences as a shopaholic. It was surprisingly unhorrific. You can actually listen to the audio clip on the site. (Having to listen to myself is horrific.)

Last weekend was similarly full, and computer-free. Charlotte and Nicole came over Friday night for pizza and wine, and we watched a What Not to Wear marathon as they insulted my footwear.

Then, Charlotte slept over so we could drive down to Philly the next day, to visit Mariana in Old City. We got ourselves some authentic Philly cheesesteaks, wandered around the (pretty damn awesome) Ben Franklin Museum (we actually sat in on a viewing of Ben and Me!), browsed some of the neighborhood shops, and ended up in Mariana’s super-cozy apartment.

Then I sped back up to north Jersey, dropped Charlotte at the bus stop, and went to Mt. Fuji with Michael for Jesse’s birthday dinner. I got loaded on tropical beverages and indulged in hibachi shrimp with lobster.

The next morning, Michael and I drove up to Yonkers to have lunch with his grandmother. After lunch, we looked through old photo albums, and it made me eager to start a family.

After all the activity of the past two weekends, my days seem so empty. I have two articles I should really get a move on with but, instead, I’ve been getting my blogging done quite early in the day, and then feeling…lost until Michael arrives home. Hopefully, impending deadlines will re-motivate me.

In other news:

Salsa classes continue to become even more awesome. We’re twirling each other all over the place!

Also, my Lemondrop piece on married sex has been featured as the Orgasm of the Week. Something we all aspire to…

Until next time…


2 Responses to “Work/Life Balance Causes Computer Withdrawal”

  1. 1 mac


    I stumbled on your blog (this one to be specific, I guess you have many blogs) a while ago and judging by what you’ve written blogging as a job sounds pretty fun. If you don’t mind me asking, does it pay the bills? Do you think it could pay the bills if those bills were for a single dude living in the ‘burbs?


  2. Hey there mac – I’m a married chick whose husband pays the bulk of the bills, and blogging STILL can’t support me, but who knows if it could in the future? At the moment, I make no money on either this blog or my Freelancedom blog, though I’ve considered monetizing Freelancedom at some point.

    The bulk of my income actually comes from the third blog I write for —’s Modern Materialist — but I still take on additional side projects and writing assignments for extra cash. If I had another regular gig comparable to the Nerve gig, I would be set, but those are hard to come by. It’s tough to find people willing to pay a decent rate for web content.

    I’ve been reading that advertising is no longer the way to make money blogging. You need to monetize your blog in other ways. I would search around for that info. Check out Problogger. Read Career Renegade. There’s a ton of info out there worth your time. Good luck!

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