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It’s been a long weekend. Michael and I spent all of Saturday and Sunday painting our bedroom. This entailed removing our two dressers, two bookcases, nightstand, and mattress from the bedroom and squeezing it all into the living room, dining room, and kitchen. After that, I was already tired. Then, we painted the ceiling and […]



Back in September, I lost my momentum. I had been researching career coaching certification programs, going on informational interviews with both career coaches and career counselors, and working on building my Freelancedom blog. Then, the NY Sun folded, I was suddenly unable to enter a certification program, and my entire plan fell to hell. Things […]

Apparently, marriage hasn’t completely cut me off from the ability to try new things and have new experiences. Last we spoke, I was complaining about the rut I was in (a rut that I foresaw extending far, far into my future…). Since then, I’ve been reminded that, as long as I have my writing, there […]

Before I get into the nitty gritty of this particular post, I’d like to link to my happy hour test drive post over at the Modern Materialist, in which I recount how some friends and I tried out some premixed shots two weekends ago. You can get the lowdown on our evening there (though you […]

I had my doubts this past Sunday that 2009 was going to be any different from the end of 2008. When Andrei and Alayna came over so that Andrei could take a look at Michael’s dead-in-the-water computer, I don’t think any of us had a clue that it would be a marathon, hours-long session, during […]

Hellooo! ::waves:: Anybody there? I wouldn’t blame you if you weren’t. Since the Sun folded way back in September, I’ve become a total recluse. I’ve thrown myself into the Modern Materialist and Freelancedom, and limited most of my communications to Twitter. My most meaningful conversations have taken place between me and my three cats. But […]



Great. It’s been over a month now, and I can’t even begin to think of all the things I haven’t told you. So instead, I’ll leave you with this holiday screen shot, and promise to do better in the new year: