Hello world! I haven’t been around much this week. Instead, I was having a nervous breakdown and watching my computer self-destruct! Wheee!

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As per usual, weeks have gone by since my latest update. Perhaps I could get back into your good graces by posting these pictures of Lusa in my colander?


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The thing about knock-down, drag-out fights is their potential to spur action, which is why I’ve never worried too much about our wild & crazy screaming matches after the fact. After all, the worst fight we ever had led to the idea of Date Night, so it was obviously a productive airing-out of things that needed to be said.

Our most recent fight was two weekends ago, and precipitated by my purchase of a $17 top hat from Halloween Adventure for use at an upcoming party. Michael commented that I should be a little bit more careful with the use of my money, and I blew up at him.

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Lordy lord, my mood has just been up and down since I first found out that the New York Sun was folding. Since then, I’ve been watching my checking account dwindle and crying and stuff. And of course applying to jobs that hold absolutely no interest for me (save for the spare one or two that I want so bad I can taste it but most probably have no shot at).

Other than that, I’ve been planning a party for Dia de los Muertos, have been “promoted” to lead blogger for Nerve.com’s Modern Materialist (a title shift that involves no monetary raise, but basically just makes me feel special), have a piece coming out over at Tango sometime over the next few weeks, and have another pitch that’s just been accepted by them. Plus I’m working on an essay and a Dating Advice From… piece for Nerve (anyone know any engineers who would be willing to submit to a silly little interview?).

And then, this past weekend, Michael and I drove down to Virginia for the wedding of my dear old friend Matt, a fellow student during my oh-so-happy Boston Days. (Lookit how completely dashing Matt looks with his new wife, Sarah.)

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She looks pretty harmless, right? You would never been able to tell from this photo that Lusa, the kitten we adopted about three weeks ago, was a raving psychopath that would send our condo into a chaotic tailspin.

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That’s me wearing my “#1 Daughter” sticker, procured from a birthday card given to me by my parents just the other day. If I look a bit out of it, it’s because I sleep-walked through the bulk of my birthday weekend, due to several night shifts at the Sun, and another several nights of insomnia.

Still, I managed to squeeze in quite a bit of activity over the long stretch of the weekend.

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