I’m a freelance just-about-everything (writer/proofreader/classical singer) who has systematically made her life more awesome with the use of self help manuals (or perhaps obsession…or both). In my free time (ha!), I enjoy hula hoop dancing, belly dancing, narrative journalism, and ’80s dance movies.

As a struggling writer, I have written for Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, New York Press, Playgirl,,, etc.

Here I am:


2 Responses to “Moi.”

  1. Hi I love that your a freelancer, I think that’s so cool and that you did it through self help manuals. Keep up the good work. I do tend to teach myself a lot of things just by reading.

  2. You have a post about Phunk Labs. They are currently being pursued legally for designs in direct violation of copyright infringement laws against us, Rattle-N-Roll. Pulling their post from your sight would be greatly appreciated. Please help us discourage further blatant ripoffs of our really cool original concept and design and ENCOURAGE original creativity and respect. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with ANY comments or questions, thank you so much,
    Ryan Loyko

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